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MIRAN is a professional body of helping individuals, groups, corporates or communities. We aim to enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning and creating societal conditions favourable to this goal. Our services consist of the professional application of moral values, principles, and techniques to one or more of the following ends:
  • Helping people obtain tangible services;
  • Legal Services, Debt Review and Counselling with individuals, families, corporate and groups;
  • Helping communities or groups provide or improve processes.
Therefore we provide knowledge of law, human development and behaviour; of social, economic, and cultural institutions; and of the interactions of all these factors. These interactions between people and social institutions occur within the context of the larger societal good. Therefore, three major purposes may be identified:
  • To enhance the problem-solving, coping and developmental capacities of people;
  • To promote the effective and humane operation of the systems that provides people with resources and services;
  • To link people with systems that provides them with resources, services, and opportunities